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New crown epidemic classic prevention and control slogan slogan (selected 99 sentences)

real teen faith real teen faith

1. "The old home is infected, and the man is coming."

2, mask or ventilator? You are old watching one!

3, everyone is defense, wearing a mask, hard work is virtue.

4, fight the epidemic, everyone is responsible

5, when cough is sneezing, cover the nose with a paper towel or the sleeve elbow

6, hard work, disinfect sterilization, virus to drive away

7, viruses, strong protection, listening to command, not panic, believe in science, do not express

8, wearing a mask: scientific discardment, no virus!

9. Pay tribute to the medical workers who fight against the epidemic.

10, wearing a mask, talk about hygiene, sneezing, snoring, sneeze, cautious

11. Put the people's lives and physical health in the first place, and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic.

12, the epidemic is the order, time is life, brave and go straight, no hesome!

13, the network is not an extraordinary place, not uncomfortable, don't believe, don't pass.

14, everyone is all defense, out of doors, do not touch it is to contribute.

15, a less meal, affectionate

16, everyone is the first responsible person of myself.

17. Guarding the people's lives and physical health is to guard our initial heart.

18, I hope everyone will go out less, remember to wear a mask.

19, wearing masks, scientific discard, no virus!

20, pay attention to itself, be sure to do self-protection

21, if there is something discomfort, see the doctor as soon as possible, calm down, follow the doctor's advice!

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