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"Original God" March 25, 2022

real teen faith real teen faith

"Original God" mobile games After the official meeting, the official will update some redemption code to the players to exchange the gift package benefits, what is the redemption code on March 25, 2022?Here is the "original god" brought by 3DM Xiaobian March 25th gift package redemption code, and if you want to receive the welfare, you will have a long time!

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"Original God" March 25th redemption code

Redemption code:


PS: Small black box and Weibo sign in rewards, there is no sign-in small partners to participate.

Exchange pathway

Open the original God, click on the avatar in the upper left corner, click the set icon on the left, enter the setup interface, click the account, then click the [Go to the redemption], enter the redemption code, click the redemption, click to exchange.

The above is the "original god" brought by 3DM Xiaobian March 25, more exciting content, please click Follow, Xiaobian will continue to update you!