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Song Belt 鹀 Equipped with management and random playback of its music "playlist"

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Song Belt 鹀 Equipped with management and random playback of its music "playlist"

According to CNBETA: The researchers found that Song Sparrow managed and randomly played their songs in an amazing complicated manner and tracked how long and how many times they sang in their tracks. Northern Mungou is famous for its cool and passionate exploitation. The male bird will use the song to attract a female bird, and they spend a lot of effort on the singing chamber. It is worth noting that they can also track the order and frequency of their songs, time for up to 30 minutes.

The song belt will reciprocate in 12 different two-second songs, but it is often connected to the same song more, basically repeats. A research team from the University of Miami and Duke, wondered that this situation was accidentally intentionally. The group published a study on this topic on Wednesday.

This study involves a large number of field work, and has carried out a few hours of recording in Pennsylvania. Duke said in a statement: "The first clue of the male bird to avoid repeating, the first clue is very similar to Spotify playlist, and the male bird will usually sing all of their tracks before repeating singing. "

The researchers found a clear mode in the bird song. If a specific song has been repeated, the songs will wait for a longer time to re-put it into the playlist. If this song is only repeated a few times, then it will return to the playlist faster.

The team will describe this as "an extremely rare talent" called "long distance dependence". "This means that a song of male songs will sing at this moment depends on its songs you sing before 30 minutes," the university explained. This is an impressive time span. Duke University pointed out that the previous record holder is a Canary, which can only process this song information for about 5 seconds.

Researchers believe that the random playback capabilities of songs can be attracted to females and persuad them as the spouse.