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"Wolong 2" Xu Sheng lineup is recommended

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Many players in Wolong 2 games are still unclear, how Xu Sheng lineup is equipped with a relatively appropriate. Next, Xiaobian brings "Wolong 2" Xu Sheng lineup with recommendation, interested friends, see it, hoping to help everyone.

"Wolong 2" Xu Sheng lineup is recommended

1. Recommended lineup:Xu Sheng, Zhang Fei, Cao Cao, Xiao Qiao, Liu

2, recommended formation:Crafty

3, recommended forces

4, lineup military will rotate

Liu Tu can be replaced by Yan Ji. Ji Ji started from 0 stars, skills can improve the defense, compared to Liu Tati, which is required to cultivate 6 stars, will be more flexible.

Xiao Qiao can use Cao Zhi. Cao Zhi is cultivated to high-star, can be exchanged with Xiao Qiao, because Xiao Qiao this morale reply military will put in the back row in this lineup.

Zhang Fei can use other battle to output military instead, such as Zhao Yun, Sun Ce, etc. But if Zhang Fei is replaced, it is recommended to change the Liu Tuo to Yu Ji. It is equivalent to make up the lineup without Zhang Fei with the treatment amount of Ji Ji, and cannot reduce the damage of the opposite skill, and the extra soldiers caused.

5, lineup analysis

Xu Sheng and Zhang Fei's skill injury is not very high, but the two military commandes are full-screen hurt skills, which can suppress enemy troops, and then cooperate with Zhang Fei technology to reduce enemy skills. The ability to make enemy. The output is greatly reduced.

At the same time, Xu Sheng and Zhang Fei's skills are the skills of war, Xu Sheng skills can reduce the enemy warfare, Xiao Qiao skills can also increase their own battle while returning to the morale, one reduction, one increase, it is also In invisible, the overall strength of the team is improved, so that the unit can have more stable playback in the pusher or in PVP.

Due to the main output of Xu Sheng, the main output of the main output, and the auxiliary output of Zhang Fei is a very skillful effect, therefore, Cao Cao, Xiao Qiao and Liu, which can provide a large number of morale values.

The above is the "Wolong 吟 2" Xu Sheng lineup and the recommendation recommended, more hand of the game, please pay attention!