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"Aldenndal Ring" Mani's Making Notes 2 Get Raiders Mats Making Notes 2

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How to get notes 2 of Elden Act, Many players don't know what the Mat's Making Notes 2 get the method, in fact, Mats' Making Note 2 is not difficult to get, let's take a look at the hospitarismThe specific method and content of the editor.

Elden Law Circulator's Making Notes 2

Mani's production notes [2] hypnotic grease

Adding a hypnotic grease

Bone hypnosis

Bone hypnotism (with zocopus)

The animal bone hypnotes the arrow to gave the magic school main door right.

The above is the content of the Eldenphali Rhizoma's Making Notes 2 get the content of the Raiders. More game related information Raiders, please pay attention to the Ranger. We will update the most complete content in the first time to help you understand the game, come togetherLet's take a look.