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Which is the cheapest "Monster Hunter Rise"?Dawn DLC price summary

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Which area of the monster hunter rises is the cheapest?The rise of the monster hunter, the dawn DLC is about to be sold in June. Many small partners still don't know which area to buy this game is the cheapest. The following small series brings the rising monster hunter to rise, the price of the dawning DLC, together, let's take a look.

Monster Hunter Rise Twilight DLC Value Price Summary

The current monster hunter rises: Monsterhunterrise: Sunbreak National District Standard Edition 243 yuan, deluxe version 312 yuan.

The prices of each parties are as follows:

Turkish District 166RMB, Argentina District 231.2RMB.

It can be seen that it will be more cost-effective to start Turkish district. If the classmates who can buy in Russian, you can buy it in Russian!

The above is the rising monster hunter, the price summary of the dawning DLC, players interested in this game can pay more attention to the Ranger Net game area, we will update the latest news of the game in time, I hope to help everyone.