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In ancient China, there is also a Football Association and League. Guess what they appear in?

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In ancient China also has a Football Association and League, guess which of them appears? This is Alipay Ant Manor, March 18, 2022, on March 18th, after answering, 180 grams of child feed, many small partners may not know what today's answer is, the following small series brings everyone to Alipay Ant Manor Small Class Today's answer March 18 answers 2022, unclear friends may wish to take a look at the three moms.

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Alipay Ant Manor Today's Answer March 18 Answer 2022

Today's question: Ancient China also has a Football Association and League, guess which of them appears?

Answer: Song Dynasty

Analysis: During the Northern Song Dynasty, the high-ranking of everyone as a "total coach" will be brought to Hangzhou. In the Southern Song Dynasty, the artist who played the ball organized his group, called "Qiyun Society", also known as the 'round society. This is a dedicated organizational organization, which is responsible for the competition organization and promotion of the activities, which is the earliest single sports association in my country, similar to today's football club, in other words, it is the world's earliest football club.

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