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What are the precautions for buying second-hand houses?

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Nowadays, with the housing prices, some people began to turn their attention to the second-hand housing market. One is price, and the other is to save the time of renovation. However, in addition to the fried house, there is a little story behind each second-hand housing. So what do you need to pay attention to from the perspective of the feast of the house?

Different from the buy new building, from the perspective of Feng Shui, you must pay attention to some problems. Because the second-hand housing is often the place where the former owners have lived, they live. The average person is changing the house, selling a house, and there are two causes:

One is the smoothness of living, I have sent money, there is money to change the big house, so I sell it now, if you just meet such a house, congratulations, if you stay in, the layout is not too big. It should also make a fortune smoothly.

Second, there is not a smooth, longer, more troubles, such as living in, sick, breaking money, provoke lawsuits, prairing flowers, unfavorable couple feelings, etc., so the original household chooses to sell. If you are not lucky, encounter such a starter owner, you have to be careful.

How to distinguish the second-hand housing feng shui you want to buy is Ji, or is it fierce? First, when you choose the second-hand house, before entering the house, first look at the gate, if you have some characters, gossip, gourd and other chemicals, if you have to see, the second-hand The room has been out, there is too much, at least go in, it will have some items for some masters of masters, I suggest you have to carefully, you have to leave a god.

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