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Which pillar is mainly depends on which pillar four -pillar gods look at the new year or the sun pillar?

real teen faith real teen faith

Which pillar of Four Pillars Gods mainly depends on? Four pillars gods look at the New Year or sun pillar? Four pillars are often introduced to seek good luck. Today, let's take a look at the four pillars.

The four pillars of God mainly depends on which pillar

In a person's four -pillar and eight characters, most of the star -shaped branches representing their own sun pillars are used as the starting point, and other dry branches such as year, month, time or big luck, and flowing years are contacted to observe comparison. They are all important. The eight characters are divided into four pillars, the pillar, the moon pillar, the sun pillar, and the pillar.

PillarFor example, the root of the tree represents the ancestor, and the Tiangan represents his grandfather and the grandmother of the earthly branch. Nian Zhu Qianzhi is a dedicated god created by life, and the ancestors are extra shadows, or they are rich in wealth and famous people. The grandparents and fate are good. The year is happy, the year is taboo, the grandfather is thick, the grandmother is thin, and the grandfather lives long than his grandmother. The year is a taboo, and the year of the year is the opposite. If the pillar is a avoiding God, there must be no shade on the ancestors, and the origin of it cannot be too high. The grandparents and fate are not helpful. The ten stars of the year are the official officials, Zhengyin, Zhengcai, and sit down the twelve luck as Changsheng, Jianlu, Crown Belt, Diwang, most of them are the eldest son or inheritance of the family right, inheriting the incense of the incense. It is also believed that Nianzhu's merger on behalf of the parents' palace and the ancestral palace is more practical. The prediction must be alive, all of which are the laws in principle. Nianzhu also represents the luck of the youth, controls the fate of 1 to 16 years old, and Nianzhu is happy. Before the age of 16, young people must live more comfortably and smoothly, and have a beautiful childhood. Conversely, the birth of the family is poor and poor, and it is unstable. The teacher believes that this should be concluded by hitting the luck. It is necessary to add the 16 -year -old trip to the Universiade, the combination of the lucky and bad, and the combination of the addition and subtraction of the Universiade is more correct. Nianzhu: Representatives of parents, elders, leaders, the highest authority, start, start, founded, the most fundamental, 1 to 16 years old, younger, primary and secondary schools, national, highest leadership, public, most authoritative, most authoritative, , Represent the human body's head, face, first place, first, first, front, top, top of the house, house cover, place of birth, original registration, level of the largest and highest level.

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