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August 2022 Ancestor's Best Jiying Date Good Day Query

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Whenever the traditional festival is reached, the ancestor of sacrifice ancestors became a very lively ritual, because it symbolizes the welcome ancestors to come back to collect offerings. When you see very harmonious and united in your home, you will be relieved. The date of the ancestor is also particular about it, and it must be carried out on the Dayi Day to increase luck.

In August 2022

August 15, 2022, July 15, Monday, lunar calendar (small) on Monday, 18th

Chong: Chongma (Jiawu) Shaanan

Yi: Marry a sacrifice to pray for the ancestor to migrate and migrate into the house

Avoid: open market burial

Peng Zu Baijie: Geng does not ask for a lot of trouble with the weaving machine.

August 18, 2022 Lunar Calendar July (Small) Thursday, Lion

Chong: Chicken (Ding Yan) Shaxi

Yi: Marry a bookmark, a natto sacrifice, sacrifice the sacrifice to pray, migration, enter the house and enlighten the drill


Peng Zu Baijie: Gui does not say that weak enemies are weak and strong, do not wear well water springs, not fragrant

August 19, 2022 Lunar Calendar (small) on Friday, 22nd, Leo

Chong: Chong Dog (Wugu) Shaanan

Yi: Marry the ordering alliance, sacrifice ancestor sacrifice ancestor prayer, seek medical treatment, cure disease, migration, migration into the house and break the soil burial

Taboo: acupuncture

Peng Zu Baijie: A does not open the warehouse and the property consumes Chen without crying.

August 21, 2022, July 21, Lunar (small) on Sunday, 24th, Leo, 24th

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