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Top-dressed female

real teen faith real teen faith

When contact with the opposite sex, some girls will be more casual. I feel comfortable, then they will go out and don't care about others. And fourblood typeThese girls have different ideas, they pay attention to dress each time, come together to see what it is because?

B-type blood: This is a thing that respects B-blooded women and does not feel that they are very bored because they think this is a respect for others. If you are very embarrassed, the other party is not good, you are also unhoboic in your heart. Therefore, in order to let each other have a happy interaction, B-type blood women will pay attention to dress up.

O-type blood: I don't want to be displaced O-type blood, if a girl is speaking, it should be special recruits. After all, boys are visual animals, they like to see beautiful girls. And soil, it is inevitable that it will be joke. Therefore, in order to avoid this, O-type blood women will be very solemnity.

AB-type blood: opportunities AB type blood woman usually feels with heterosexual contact, and their friends are also girls. Therefore, for the AB type blood, the biggest difficulty is to find an object, they feel that it is difficult to meet a high-quality boys. Therefore, each time I have the opportunity to contact the boys, they will pay attention to dress, thinking about this perhaps.

Each choice is not the same, you have chosen 邋遢, perhaps will lose potential love. And you have chosen to dress up, you will lose time, just see what everyone cares. ()