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How many minutes are the summer in 2022 a few minutes?

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There is no unprecedented feast in the world. The same reason is that the reincarnation of the year and four seasons is replaced. Our summer will eventually leave our lives. After Sanfu Tian, ​​although it was still a bit hot, it was much better than the previous period. Especially following the coming of the summer solar terms, our temperature will gradually move towards a very comfortable point.

How many minutes are the summer in 2022?

The summer time in 2022 is: August 23, the Gregorian calendar, July 26th of the lunar calendar, Ren Yinnian, Wu Shenyue, Wu Shen Day. At 5-7 o'clock in Yiyi, it is auspicious time in the summer season. This solar term is generally at the end of August of the Gregorian calendar each year. At this time, the direct point of the sun continues to move south, and the heat of radiating the ground began to weaken, while the subtropical high -pressure leapfrog retreats south. Destment. There may be a large precipitation process in the Jianghuai area south of the north. So there is a saying of "one autumn rain and cold". Need to do a good job of keeping warm. The south is still dominated by the autumn tiger. The temperature difference between the morning and evening is large. People who just feel a hint of autumn are often at the end of the summer and feel the high temperature weather again. This is the veritable "autumn tiger". If this phenomenon continues to appear after "出", it is often easy to form summer and autumn drought, which will greatly advance the fire prevention period in the autumn and need to be vigilant. Therefore, depending on the regional differences, everyone must make different preparations. Remember to add more water at this time.

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