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Make the slave call for an incipline saying _ Does the boy who lives live not long? Will it be recalled at any time?

real teen faith real teen faith

What are the boy named by the boy? There are many important people in politics

Those who know a little numerology will know that the fate of the fate of the boy's life is twisted, which is the saying that it is "unlucky". But at the same time, the boy's life is more smart, and there are many famous people. So let's take a look at what the boy named the boy. The so -called boy fate refers to the body

The fate of the boy's life, with the color of mystery, always feels fearless. The people of the boy's life always have a different characteristics on their bodies, and their lives are destined to be very different from the trajectory of others. So, is the boy's life not long? What is the reason? Let's take a look together.

People who are ordered by children are generally not long -lived. They are one year, three, six, twelve years old, eighteen years old, twenty -four years, forty -eight, and 53 years old. This is because of the children of the boy's life, some are the fairy children in the heavens. They are degraded because of negligence, or they enter the world privately. The possibility of recall.

It didn't take long for Fairy Tong or Heavenly Man to be recalled shortly. What shows that children who live in children who live over 18 years old. If they live 18 years old, they will encounter a bumpy bumps before the age of 48. Most of them are car accidents or Sudden diseases, etc. Of course, people with a boy's life may live to a very old age, but such examples are generally lonely and old; and living boys generally have experiences that do not die or escape from death.

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