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"Rubbing Dungeon" fast upgrade method

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"Runaway Dungeon" is a Q cute RPG mobile game. The game is May 13, which is today's public beta. Many Mengxin is not clearly upgraded quickly. Below is the quick "Runaway Dungeon" quickly brought to you. Share the upgrade method, let's take a look together.

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"Rubbing Dungeon" fast upgrade method

1. Mainline task:

In the early stage, we need to complete the various main tasks as soon as possible to improve the level, because the main task can not only give us the reward of the experience value and props required for normal upgrade, but also unlock more functions and content, so we must give it first.

2. Daily tasks:

There are many daily activity tasks in the game. After completion, we can not only get the reward of experience value, but also obtain the benefits of various resources.

3, brush copy:

There will be many copies of the game for us to challenge. After the challenge is completed, we can get a lot of experience and resource output (the higher the difficulty of the challenge, the richer the income).

4. Secrets challenge:

The more the hook gameplay in the game, the more the main line is pushed. When we hang up offline, the higher the experience and resource returns obtained. Recommended to do the last, especially at the 20th and 30th levels, this allows us to get more resource rewards.

5. Fast battle:

Although there are restrictions on fast battles every day, it can provide us with good resource prop rewards. It is recommended to be used in the end, which is equivalent to more than 2 hours of secret.

6. Guild leader:

After participating in the guild, you can participate. After the successful leadership, the guild's friends can get a lot of experience and props.

The above is the method of rapid upgrade of the underground city brought by Xiaobian. For more exciting content, please click Follow, Xiaobian will continue to update for you!