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"Run away the Dungeon" Palace adds some recommendations later

real teen faith real teen faith

"Runaway Dungeon" is a Q cute RPG mobile game. The game is May 13, which is today's public beta. Many Mengxin is still unclear how to add some Paladin in the later period. The following is the "Runaway Dungeon City. 》 The Palace is recommended to share in the later period. Let's take a look at the interested friends.

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"Run away the Dungeon" Palace adds some recommendations later

Points of violence:

5 The spirit has greatly enhanced the Paladin's attack damage talent ability, and also retains its own high defense ability. This will not be so easy to die in the later period, and the output is quite high at the same time.

Add meat shield flow:

5 resistance or 3 essence and 2 resistance. This is a pure meat shield plus some route, but the damage is not high, so it is mainly based on lasting war, but everyone can also improve the output damage from the aspect of equipment and gems.

Skill match recommendation:

1 dizziness+1 output +1 blood, after having this set of skills, you can not only continue to give yourself blood back, but also use control to reduce the enemy's attack opportunities for us. Good choice.

The above is the subsequent recommendation of the underground city Palace of the underground city of the Xiaobian. For more exciting content, please click Follow, Xiaobian will continue to update for you!