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Naturally -born as a boss's face characteristics

real teen faith real teen faith

Women's life is divided into two stages, that is, we often say that before and after the two stages of marriage and post -marriage. Women before marriage often live with their parents. Sitting with her husband, if a woman marrys a husband with the ability, it will naturally be affected. If you marry the boss, you will be the life of the boss. Then do you know what the facial features of being born in the boss? Let's take a look today!

Downship round Wangfu Xingjia

People with a round chin are blessed. The chin is full of square, round and natural beauty, which is also a blessing. A woman with such a face has a gentle and kind temperament, open -minded, and usually has a happy marriage. She can also be happy at work, live comfortably, healthy and longevity. In addition, the photo book explains: "Feng Xunzhong Yi, Wangfu Xingjia", which means that if a man marries such a woman as a wife, he can get the help of the inner help, the family movement Changlong, the daughter of the daughter, and the children and grandchildren in the later years. Blessings, happiness and comfort. Such fate is yearning for many women.

Fortune after the cheekbones is good after marriage

Women's cheekbones will affect their life's fortune. The cheekbones can see a woman's Wangfu or career. The cheekbones are slightly flat and slightly fleshy. For a good face, Wangfu Xingjia can help her husband's career more prosperous. Coupled with the meat of the cheekbones, this woman has an opinion, responsible, and clean things. It is the image of a typical strong woman. The life after marriage will be more and more rich in the couple. It will become stronger. After marriage, such a woman will be willing to live in her husband, be a husband's internal assistance, and fight for a better life together, and wealth will become better and better.

Good marriage on the forehead

The forehead is related to the good luck and wealth of people in the face. The forehead is flat, the arc is beautiful, and the woman with this face is born with good life, and the economic conditions are superior. Even the object of marriage must be high -quality men. Often the marriage targets are men like a rich boss, and life is very comfortable after marriage.