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How to name the little boy born in May 2022

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May is a golden time period. It is not cold or hot. The temperature is just right. At this time, some babies will choose to come to this world. What parents need to do is to choose a name for their children. The same, but it contains the expectations and profound blessings of children's future.

Male baby name1. Choose some fashion and modern words to name it. Some of the current fashion and modern words are both trendy, and it is very good to read. It can be used to take the names of clean and good boys, and combined with the aesthetic view and connotation. Take a boy name like a male master, and the names you choose are good.

2. Choose some literary and clean words to take the famous and clean words, giving people a sense of modern and elegant, with a fresh and natural artistic conception, so as to take the boy's name, which is very male. And the clean words of literature and art have far -reaching connotations. It reads long and deep, and it is more attractive to the nice name.

Recommended by the name of a good boyThe word "Xu" in Xuchen refers to the newborn sun, which symbolizes the sun, so as a boy's name, it refers to the boy's sunny, smart, lively, positive, and vigorous. Connotation. "Morning" refers to the morning, "the plan of the day lies in the morning", telling the boy not to forget the original intention and cherishing the meaning of time, it is a good name.

The word "煦", with the roots of the "sun", represents the sunlight, so it has the meaning of sunlight. The original intention refers to the warmth. As a boy's name, it means that the boy is kind and gentle. "焜" comes from "Huainanzi · Ben Jing" "焜 焜“ ““ “." It means brilliant, bright and shining. Extended the meaning of light, cleverness, and splendid future. The name "焜 焜" satisfies everyone's meaning of the name of the sun, the meaning of the name is more beautiful.

Kai Yuan Kaiyi refers to the model and example. As a boy's name, he refers to the responsibility, making everyone appreciation and admiration. It contains wooden roots, which is the joy of the Year of the Tiger. The meaning of profound knowledge and knowledge ", profound and extensive knowledge, meaning that the boy is deep and talented. Kai Yuan is not only suitable for boys in the year of the tiger, but also the connotation of the word is beautiful. The development is good.