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Friends and son blessings

real teen faith real teen faith

1. In the morning, the treetops were called. When I learned that Bao was coming, the angel came to your arms. Now it will only scream, which makes people laugh. I wish you a mother, the spring breeze, the little angel is healthy and happy!

2. The butterfly has the shock of breaking the cocoon. My mother has the hard work of her conception in October. At present, your family is happy. I will send my most sincere blessings. Health and happiness.

3. The baby is born, the feeling of happiness has, the happy expression comes, the mentality of life is good, the mood of work is great, my blessing will naturally not be less, I hope you can enjoy the happiness of the first father. grow healthy.

4. Click the incense, make a blessing, meditate on a blessing, and pray for the baby. The baby is full of hundreds of days, and I wish your baby a lot of beauty, a happy one -day, smooth, and all the best.

5. Guizi descends from the sky, and happiness comes with wealth; happiness continues, life is beautiful and healthy; friends, congratulations, please pay attention to your body, put health and happiness in your heart, and make life better and better.

6. I hope your baby will grow up healthy and healthy, let your baby win the starting line, there is a good future.

7. Last year, your family added Dabao, and this year adds a little treasure. Now you are holding Dabao with your left hand and holding Xiaobao in your right hand. It is really auspicious three treasures! Hi Guizi sincerely bless: May the baby grow up healthy.

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