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What are the super animal escape game mode?

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There are many play modes in "Super Animal Gatalion", and the content mechanism of each mode does not want to be the same, including a single and double model, a four -person model, and a chicken walking mode. The more common mode, players can play according to their own habits.

Game mode introduction

Gaming mode

individual: No teammates and everyone are enemies, and the blood bar will die if the blood bar is gone. This model does not require teamwork. The favorite of the wolf is the favorite. It is recommended that Mengxin play four people.

Double: This mode requires 2 people to cooperate with 2 people. If teammates die, it may increase the difficulty of the game because you don’t know whether the enemy is one or two

Four: People are most suitable for cute new models. It matches the big guy to rely or becomes a big man. The team cooperation is high because I can’t teamwork.

Chicken and walking: Friends with all the uncontrolled animals, this model will become infected chickens after death. Infected chickens cannot roll over, and can only flush their wings according to spaces. Red is the source of the source of the source. Select from the player within ten seconds of the start. In this mode, the survivors need to live to evacuate, and the goal of all players who become infected chickens are to kill all survivors. Convert to infected chicken within ten seconds

【Mysterious Mode】

Bullet speeding: the bullet speed is fast, especially the spray is the most bug, but you can't hide

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