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The Taishan Gongling Significance seeks to solve the Shan Gong Ling signed, the sign is a cup of re -cup(3)

real teen faith real teen faith

Sign 21: Although there is Chen Pingxun, it is better to run. There is a point in Xintian, staying with descendants.

Sign 22: I know my chest, who knows me crazy. Greed him three buckets of rice and lost half a year of food.

Sign 23: Drought in July and August, and the leaves are swaying. Suddenly the rainfall, the Miao draft was naturally prosperous.

The 24th sign: Guo Pu is suitable for Nan Fu, finding the dragon here. The blessing people are blessed, and the treasures are like mountains.

The 25th sign: The stone chiseling is determined to meet the jade. When the Niu and Horse Day, good things are coming.

Sign 26: Baizhangyan stands, and the void is surrounded by grass. There was nothing to do, and it was shocked.

Sign 27: Fishing into the waves, the fish scares the cold. The night fish is not bait, look back at three rods on the day.

Sign 28: Want to ask about the previous, such as a game of chess. Thousands of miles away, the victory and defeat know.

Sign 29: Noble people call each other, and work with the public. At the time, the joy was returned from the fierce.

Sign 30: Autumn to Hetian is cooked, but spring is cold. Yin and yang are still enough, and personnel are happy.

Sign 31: There is a wealth and a wealth, and the dream will come. I just hope to be the rich and wake up.

Sign 32: Yesterday and today, He Lao asked right and wrong. The inner mind is required, you must be afraid of the crisis.

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