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The Taishan Gongling Significance seeks to solve the Shan Gong Ling signed, the sign is a cup of re -cup(2)

real teen faith real teen faith

The 10th sign: If you ask the yin and yang things, it will be self -generated. But looking at it for three or five nights, the pregnancy is a man.

Sign 11: Peach Lihua opened, sycamore deciduous branches. Chi Lan Songbai Mao, it is time to sprout.

The 12th sign: The severe disease must be serious, but the crisis is not dangerous. I was sentenced to me, and I celebrated the Junzhi.

The 13th sign: Spring sleep unknowingly, the work is upside down again. Crisis is not dangerous, but it is troublesome.

Sign 14: Dreams are not good, and the houses have a disaster. You must first let Xieji be safe.

Sign 15: Fifteen nights of the Lantern Festival, laurel falls for all planting. Qiuju was not greedy early, and Dong Meixue opened.

Significance of the 16th: Reunion in the 15th month, clear day. The clouds and fog rose for a while, and the ground was connected to the sky.

Sign 17: The old man is white first, and lives in peace. Although it is okay, it is also used for early repair.

Eighth sign: Han Shi Mo is poor, and the book must be attentive. Reading hard in front of the window, the title of the dragon and tiger list.

Sign 19: A cup of re -cup, it is difficult to guess without wine. If you want to ask about the world, you must also make money in the world.

Sign 20: Select the neighbors of Bu Dong, and don't have a chance to be with your relatives. Human sentiment is like a palm, so you don't need to settle Zhu Chen.

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