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The Taishan Gongling Significance seeks to solve the Shan Gong Ling signed, the sign is a cup of re -cup

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When asking God to worship the Buddha, many people will ask for signing. The so -called sincerity is spiritual. Regardless of the result, everyone hopes to get a answer. Today we will talk about the Taishan Gongling sign. Let's take a look.

Seeking to solve the Taishan Gongling Sign

The signing is: a cup of one cup, it is difficult to guess without wine. If you want to ask about the world, you must also make money in the world.

Answer: I advise you to go to work down -to -earth, this is your career.

Taishan Gongling Sign 64 Sign

Sign 1: Living in Daiyue East, he has achieved Qingyan Palace. Shanze Tonghuhai, Yingwei Wanzaolong.

The second sign: Yao Shunde Qitian, Min An Guolian. Qunli Tongle, praised the Taiping years together.

The 3rd Sign: Waning is all common, and we make money everywhere. The camp is in a hurry, and blessings are among them.

The fourth sign: Fu Zhiye should be regarded as a cloud. The spring flowers are smooth, and the rain is glory.

Sign 5: The cinnamon tree tree, the Toad Palace has Lu Tong. Knowing that the sky is near, the horses will follow the autumn wind.

Sixth sign: Foot red rope fairy, marriage previous life. The prosecution is based on the old moon, and Hong match Meng Guangxian.

7th sign: Bai Lian in the pond, the hue is natural. Bone is extraordinary, the first immortal in the world.

8th sign: Spring Tour Fangcao, summer appreciation lotus pond. Rich and rich are fate, and Ronghua is sometimes self -proclaimed.

9th sign: husband and wife are virtuous and family. In the dream, the immortal sent the son, and soon became Xiangxiang.

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