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Is there a lunar month in 2004? What a few months? Is it good to be born in 2004?

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The leap month is a relatively special month. It is to coordinate the contradiction between the return of the return and the Han calendar, and prevent the Han Dynasty from being disconnected from the year and the four seasons. So, is there a lunar month in 2004? What a few months? Want to learn more, pay attention to good luck and get more knowledge.

Is there a lunar month in 2004? What a few months?

Gregorian calendar: Leap year, 366 days, 53 weeks. Lunar Calendar: The Year of the Monkey, the Monkey,February, 355 days.

What is the life born in 2004?

2004 was the year of Jiashen.PersonalityWooden monkeys who are active personality have compassion, like to help friends, do things to talk about principles, and have a clear concept of time.CareerAt work, he is responsible, hard -working and hard -working, and you will try your best to complete each work. It is sometimes lacking in self -confidence and requires the encouragement and support of friends. The Monkey Monkey owner's luck is quite smooth. Although he has a lot of work and pressure, he can solve the problem successfully with his own strength, and will get satisfactory results, obtain the appreciation of his boss, and show signs of promotion. The wooden monkey is a workaholic. He often sleeps in the laboratory in order to get a conclusion and does not return day and night, but it is this dedicated attitude that has further developed his side business.EmotionallyThe wooden monkey has an enviable fate, especially women, and husband and wife are good. It is emotionally enthusiastic, stable but a little conservative. There will be no big storms between husband and wife. Although there are occasional arguments, they will be as good as the beginning and love as the beginning. It is an enviable model couple.