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The zodiac rat likes a person's performance and talks tightly

real teen faith real teen faith

The zodiac rat is very diligent and frugal in people's eyes. Many people want to meet a zodiac rat, but for many people, the zodiac is difficult to contact. In their hearts, they also have a lot of performance when they like a person, and sometimes they are very brave.

Particularly nervousRat people will be particularly nervous in front of people they like. They were originally a person who was particularly careless. It was very heartless and had no more ideas. But as soon as they met the person they liked, they could not control themselves. Because the rats are really excited, they hope to see each other too much, and now they are very restrained as expected. I don't know what to say.

StutterIf the rats are famous, as long as they are there, don't think about being quiet. Because they have too many words to say, they will keep talking. But now they are completely unfavorable to speak. What they think in their brains is such a sentence, but they look very stuttered. When the head of the mouse meets the other party, there will be obvious brain out of control, and I don't know how to speak.

Speak at willThe emotional quotient of the rat -person is very high. This can be reflected when he likes a person. When he likes a person, it will not just be good for the person he likes, and he will find a way Under the premise of destroying affection, this love expresses this love very casually, so that even if you can't be a couple, you can also be friends with the person you like.

See you secretlyRats are not good at hiding himself, especially when he likes someone. If you and him are in the same place. He will watch you unconsciously while working or studying. And when you look up, they will pretend to be nothing. In fact, their full love for you, all of them are hidden in their eyes, depending on whether you can understand it.