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Dream of cloth

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Dreaming of cloth, five lines of primary wood, get this dream, is the meaning of ethyle, the career pressure is large, the fortune is difficult to improve, ascending money is like a variety of people with others, life is uneasy, but is an unjustic figure, The spring dream is unlucky, and the autumn dreams are unlucky.

In the foreigner of the people, I will walk in the east, go to the west, there is notefille, and the people who are rats, those who are snakes, and come together, and the fortune is smooth.

Middle-aged woman dreams of cloth, emotionally lucky, fighting with lover, two people marriage, family happiness, full-time wife to have this dream, life is good, mother-in-law is harmonious, but the big Jihang.

Entrepreneurs have to have this dream, the reputation is outside, the career is connected, and everything should be cautious. It cannot be done due to small loss, and the personality is active, but it should be in the autumn.

Engaged in Wooden Earth Engineering, Architecture, etc.

Engaged in lighting, film and television media, etc.