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Name test scores, what women can't afford to see

real teen faith real teen faith

Everyone is often said (the only child is difficult to raise to women), and it is also the name of (the most poisonous woman), which is used to describe the woman of these cardiothogenesis, poisonous. Nowadays, people look from the perspective of the face, and what women's sexual emotions, do things, it is best to make a sin.

First, eyebrows are more disabled

The eyebrows are more scattered and the fierce women are just straight, do things extreme, sometimes it will be very careful when we are in everything, so it is best to avoid it.

Second, grieves

It is said that there is no hair in the eyebrow shape, shorter, or behind the eyebrows, or the eyebrows before the eyebrows. From the face, there is such an eyebrow-shaped woman very emotionally unstable. It is often used, and its own fortune is a continuous, marriage life is not satisfactory. Women's suspicion and worries are too heavy, the mind is heavy, the heart is narrow, very easy to get revenge and people, so try not to be sin.

Third, the eyes are big

There is a woman with this feature, the desire to do things, don't stand if you do things, and it is very strong to pay attention to you. If you hate someone wants to work, it is very difficult, it is difficult to handle it.

Four, three white eyes

There are three women's brains, but they are very narrow, and the way to do things is very jean. If many people are annoying, they must be used to carry out some treacherous and poisonous ways, very unpleasant.

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