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Office desktop feng shui plaques 天禄 可 招 财 富 富

real teen faith real teen faith

The company's Feng Shui is critical to the development of the entire company. The bosses hopes that their company can go to the golden gold, and the employees also hope that their careers will be smooth. Everyone also hopes to be able to trade more customers, do more business, so the Feng Shui of the office needs to do some small adjustments, then we will be better to place those feng shui.

The meaning of the ornament is good

Every kind of feng shui decoration has its own unique meaning, this is what we have to understand. The boss's office ornaments should be good, this kind of meaning is best to be related to business, business, can also be related to good luck, such as Fengshui icon to absorb the source, Shuanglong bite bottle representing lucky, dragon phoenix bottle Indicates that only my alone, the sailing is a smooth sailing, the gossip is broken, and the money represents the financial resources, and the key representative is the meaning of the operation. The kite represents the spring breeze. It represents the richness of life, and the fuiro is coming. Therefore, it is necessary to study the meaning of clearing the meaning before placing these feng shui ornaments.

Decoction must meet Feng Shui

The ornaments are closely related to the human gas race. Different people's gas fields are different, and the gas fields embodied in different objects are different, and most importantly, they are. Especially in potted plants, this is particularly note that if the plant's gas field and the owner's gas field does not meet or the same, it may destroy the owner's fortune, and the plant does not necessarily have five lines, we must understand according to characteristics. It is not suitable for placing the properties of the plant.

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