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The marriage has come to the end of 19 performance, the precursor of marriage rupture (once the necessary divorce)

real teen faith real teen faith

Marriage can be said to be a very important thing in life, but not everyone's marriage is happy, and some people's marriage is in a lifetime, and some people's marriage is unfortunate, and there are two Personally apart, then do you know which 19 is the end of the marriage? Let us take a look at it.

19 performance of marriage to end

1. Because a little bit of chicken fry garlic, the little thing is super, although two people occasionally quarrel is also the feelings of two people, but often quarreling affects the feelings between the two people.

2, there is no feelings between the two people, even who is in a bed, then the same bed is dream.

3, betray your marriage, whether it is a boys or girls, will bring a lot of damage to the other side, and this kind of harm is the soul, and there is no way to erase in a lifetime.

4. It is said that the family violent cannot be forgiven. When there is a matter of the situation in the marriage, this is also the performance of two people's marriage.

5, the most important definition in marriage is trustworthy, when there is no trust between two people, there is also a daily, such marriage is precarious.

6. I like to force the other party to do things according to my own will. Everyone has their own ideas, and impose their consciousness in others, will only let the other side slowly cool.

7, widowed marriage, many people have a couple of husband and wife, there is no husband and wife, such two people live together, marriage will be so late.

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