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The three trees of the three trees in front of the door, the three generations of breeding trees

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The ancient language has clouds: three trees in front of the door, the family is three generations. But it is not a three trees, because the three is mostly in ancient times, here is a general referring. Three trees are all kinds of trees, and the three generations are also the meaning of countless generation. Whether in ancient or now, the rich people have the courtyard, they will pay attention to the courtyard. It is more care for the tree, then we will pick out three trees.


Tree, the first thing I think is that the pomegranate tree is because the pomegranate tree is so welcomed in ancient times. Therefore, there are many people in ancient people in their own yards, and the family can be in the family. Therefore, pomegranate has always husted people's wishes, and has always been sought after by thousands of years.


Tree, the same is the grape vine. The shape of the grape is a string, in fact, in front of the front of the door is because of its shape, the grape is composed of many grapes. On the front of the ancient rich people, grapes will also be carved on the slate, even on the precious jade, the grape is carved, and therefore, you can see the popularity of grapes. Furthermore, the grape itself is the children and grandchildren, and the descendants are prosperous, the more the children are more.


Tree, it is the persimmon tree that you think is. In traditional China, the people of the festive days will open the lights, hang up big red lanterns, because the red symbolizes the festive auspicious, then there is a persimmon tree full of "lanterns" in their own yard, I don't mean this The family will be more and more red in the future. The "persimmon" and "things" in the persimmon tree are the same tone, so many people will have a variety of people on both sides of the door, there is a "good thing to become double", so the persimmon tree has become the most favorite One of the trees.