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May 1 Labor Day Slogan slogan short

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Below is the propaganda slogan slogan slogan of the May 1st Labor Day of Xiaobian, welcome to read the collection.

1, dedication, striving for first-class.

2, hard struggle, courage to innovate.

3, indifferent fame and fortune, willing to dedicate.

4, the workers are great, the labor is glorious.

5. Labor is glorious and labor is great.

6. Shape the spirit of the city and build a harmonious Nanjing.

7. Carry forward the spirit of labor and strive to be a pioneer.

8. Adhere to the whole efforts to rely on the working principle of the working class.

9, great, glorious, and correct Chinese Communist Party.

10. Develop a harmonious labor relationship and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of employees.

11. The high yard green transformation banner is played in the era.

12. Warmly celebrate the XX Provincial Straight Organ Work Model Conference.

13. Maintain legitimate rights and interests of employees and build a harmonious labor relationship.

14. Learn labor model, respect labor model, care for labor model, and strive for a model.

15. Vigorously promote the spirit of labor and promote Shanxi "three development".

16, respect labor, respect knowledge, respect talent, respect for creation.

17. Establish a scientific development concept, and constantly create a new situation in trade unions.

18. Unswervingly go to the development path of Chinese characteristic socialist union.

19, consciously practice "eight honors and eight shame", establish a socialist concept of honor and disgrace.

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