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"Jiangnan Baijing Map" Storage Use Role Recommended

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What roles are better in the "Jiangnan Baijing Map" game?Many players don't know how to choose, then today Xiaobian will introduce you to Jiangnan Baisheng Military Storage Use role recommendation, there is a need for small partners don't miss it.

"Jiangnan Baijing Map" Storage Use Role Recommended

The transport system made us see Yangzhou's banknote capacity, but also let the financial role fall into a more embarrassing situation. Li Qingzhao did not have a lot of revenue in the stack of the stack without the night.

Although this mechanism is spit, now, the stack of the store is also a wise choice to use the material, so I did two counts of counting [Starry role]

Recommended for the responsible perspective of the stack management of the land reclamation period and the character of the stack brush material.

The above is the "Jiangnan Hundred Scenery" Storage Use Role Recommendation, more game Raiders please continue to pay attention!