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"Wolong 2" battle horse universal war skills to scribble

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"Wolong 吟 2" games in the game, universal war skills can improve the strength of the horse, how to wash? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the Wolong 吟 2-Way Human Wash Technology Washing Raiders, don't miss it.

"Wolong 2" battle horse universal war skills to scribble

GM combat combat and function class.

The combat class can improve the battle attributes of military commanders, and the functional class can improve the work efficiency of the internal affairs.

If a military commander is the main force of the force, try to wash the general war skills of his horse to become a battle skills to enhance the fighting power of the team.

We can also give the internal officials to fight horses, and sell their universal combat skills to enhance levy, build and study efficiency.

Tip: Different quality war horses, in addition to the difference in general combat skills, there may also have a value difference in gain on the same skill.

The above is "Wolong 吟 2" battle horses universal combat skills, more game Raiders, please continue to pay attention!