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The melon king is Wu Mingzhu or a lot of the Answers in the New Village, March 9.

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Is the melon king is Wu Mingzhu or Li Denghai? This is the problem of Ants New Village Classroom March 9th. You can get three villagers as a reward. Let us let us know about the Ant New Village answer on March 9.

The melon king is Wu Mingzhu or Li Denghai.

1. It is called "Melon King"

Wu Mingzhu

Li Dehai

2. Wu Mingzhu Answer:Wu Mingzhu

3. Answer analysis

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, "Melon King" Wu Mingzhu.

She, 25-year-old volunteers from Xinjiang Gobi, after her carefully cultivated, yield, rare cantaloupe, became a cuisine on the table of ordinary people.

She, 42 years old, went to Hainan, dedicated to the scientific research of cantaloupe breeding, realizing the Nanyu Nortup of Cantaloupe, and created a rapid breeding method of the year, subverted the traditional sense of "Orange Huainan, orange, life In Huaibei, it is a "" "

She is the Southwest University (Time is the Southwest Agricultural College) outstanding alumni, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, "China Melon Dawang" Wu Mingzhu.

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