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Dream of breasts(3)

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Psychological analysis: Although most people understand the desire to seek care or love, this kind of wish is often seen from psychology, especially when people are in a busy tight working condition, more urgent.

Spiritual Symbol: From the perspective of mental studies, the breast symbolizes the mother, symbolizing your care and love.

Dreaming of case analysis of breasts

[Dream 1]

Perhaps because I have been in the company's party, I have been in a bad mood, I am very irritating, so that I have talented every day, last night I found yourself in my dreams, very scared ... (Women) ,27 years old)

Dream analysis: the main representative of female breasts, sex, sex, maternal love, motherhood and female feminism.

In the dream, I found that I have three breasts, there is a metaphor taste. Maybe you feel that you lack "motherhood", "mother love" these women's symbol, such as thinking that you are not "woman", no woman taste, can't attract the opposite sex. You subconsciously desire to have more power and ideal environment to play women's instinct, or mother love.

In addition, the body characteristics in the dream should also pay attention to the health status, sometimes it is a problem that there is a problem.

[Dream 2]

I have recently found three breasts in my dreams, very scared ...

Dream analysis: In general, the main representative of female chest in the dream, the meaning of sex, sex, maternal love, motherhood and women.

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