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Dream of breasts(2)

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Dreaming of yourself growing multiple breasts, if you don't feel panic, you may hint you have a strong motherhood desire, or you want your own female characteristics, more important feature, can nurture, or help other children with maternal attitude. If the dream is very panic, remind you to pay more attention to your health.

If you dream of being a breast, reflect the sexual anxiety. On the one hand, suggesting that your heart is full of worrying, interaction with men, will make you feel pressure, afraid that your behalf causes misunderstandings; on the other hand, it also reflects the desire of your heart.

Zhou Gong stock market

Dreaming that the shape of your breast is beautiful, the stock market suggests that it is not called.

Dreaming of the breast expansion of milk, the stock market suggests that there will so many years.

Zhou Yi Dream

The wishes of chest and breasts are sometimes representative and love, sometimes representing mother. But if an adult dreams of a mother's breast, he means that he (she) is in mind, there is no "weaning". That is to say, it is too dependent on the mother, too lack of independence. Sometimes, the breast symbolizes the source of the earth, the source of the new life. Dream is to remind you to find the source of new life.


Dream solution: People think that the dream often see is part of the body. Women's breast symbolizes nutrition and maternal love. If a man dreams of breasts, showing the urgent desire to find mother or care in the potency.

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