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Dream of breasts

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Dream of breastsWhat means? Do you dream of dreaming of breasts? Dreaming that the breast has a real impact and reaction, and there is also the subjective imagination of the dream, please see the details of the dream of the mammented by Zhou Gongli Dream official website.

Dreaming of breast, representative love, sex, maternal love, maternal, emotion, nourishing and femaleization.

The man dreams of breasts, indicating that there is a desire to find maternal care and care in his heart, or may indicate the desire for sexual desire.

Dreaming to breastfeed, good sign, foreplay life, and reach, will continue to gain.

Dreaming of full, charming breasts, said that dreaming is healthy, life is happy, and wish can be achieved.

If you dream of the breast swelling, and there is milk flowing, it also expresses the rich and happy life, the spirit is very good.

Women dream of breast swelling, may also indicate the desire of sexual desire, or mother's mother's motherhood.

Vioence, if you dream of making breasts, shrinking, or getting ugly, it indicates that you may be saddened by the increase in illness or expenditure. It is also possible to show that there will be twists and turns, which may encounter the lovers to leave.

Dreaming of the breast sagging, suggesting that the body is weak, may have a loss of memory loss, learning or work performance, etc., pay attention to supplement nutrition.

Dreaming of breasts in changing, bigger, small, be careful, indicating that you may get sick, health, health, may have potentially crisis.

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