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B-type blood and O-type blood children most likely and impossible?

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What blood type is B-type blood and O-type blood? Depending on the blood type genetic law, B-type blood and O-type blood groups are most likely B-type, O-type blood type, cannot be a type A, AB type blood type.

What kind of education is taken to improve the child's child, and cultivate coordination with people and harmony?

(1) Cultivate the resistance of B-type blood children:

Type B child, with self-centric personality, so it is easy to lead to coordination. The way of cultivation is to educate them to have a lot of people. Since they are surrounded by people, things, ideas, and they must have reminded their binding and regulations, they must let them know, one person is absolutely unable to leave the group.

To cultivate the coordination of B-type children, basic tolerance is most important. Since this type of child will not be frustrated because of a small matter, it is necessary to be severely injured.

(2) Four types of body type B-type blood children:

1 Kids of slimming B-shaped blood: Due to the mixing of B-type and thin-shaped special temperament, this type of child is the most general and sensible one in the Type B. As long as the color is poor, they can correct them. If you work together with them, it helps to cultivate coordination.

2 Slightly fat B-type blood: belongs to the indolent, personalized type, and is also a Type B is more coordinated. However, excessive direct personality is easy to be a lack of coordination. As for people who are tired, they should pay special attention to their tolerance.

3 Children with standard B-type blood: This type of child has typical personality that is easy to get tired, lack of resistance. Whether it is organized or group, if interpersonal relationship is not ideal, it must be quickly retracted. To develop coordination, you must first cultivate their tolerance, let them help do the same thing or game.

4 Obese B-shaped blood: This type of child, my own style, is the most serious in all blood types, and the personality of love quarrel, is also the most significant. Therefore, before cultivating its coordination, this kind of style and personality must be corrected and cultivate their tolerance. TakegadownloadPanaramioe.