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Apple tree, how to fertilize

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Apple is a very common fruit in daily life, because its rich nutrition is loved by people. Some people are even apple at home, but many people encounter problems in the autumn fertilization of apple trees when they are apple. Let's take a look at the apple tree autumn fertilization.

Apple tree, how to fertilize

In general, from fruit trees fruit to autumn deciduous, fertilization is more appropriate. During this time, the basic fertilizer should be early, not late. After the fruit picking, the sooner fertilizer is applied, the more contribute to the rejuvenation of fruit trees, rich in buds, and increase the quality and quantity of flowers. The flourishing trees and virtual flourishing trees can be properly postponed, and the trees or fruitful trees should be appropriately advanced.

Apple tree autumn fertilizers What is important?

1. When applied farmily fertilizer, it must be a rotten fertilizer.

2, fertilization sequence is first applied to organic fertilizer and biological bacterial fertilizer, and then apply composite fertilizer and medium trace element fertilizer.

3, hydrating should also be carried out at the same time. Water repellent combination is more conducive to improving fertilizer utilization.

What fat will be given to apple tree?

The basic fertilizer type is generally based on humic acid, composting, stables, manure, manure, composite fertilizer, green manure, crop straw, weed, branches, etc. Thus, the mutual matching and complement between fertilizers.

In terms of fertilizers, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium fertilizers should be cooperated with each other, but should not be excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer, prevent excessive growth of branches and winter, is not conducive to the accumulation of fruit trees and the improvement of flowers.