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What do you do most in your work?

real teen faith real teen faith

What is your best? Is it a higher position or higher salary? I will know with Xiaobian!


Under the confusion of love, the mermaid sacrificed the right of vocal, Rohero and Juliet paid life. It is also your believer, in order to taste the soul of love, the highest price will be given, will it be the following?

A. Poverty Day

B. Rebellion

C. Life reduction


What is your most in work? Tell you the answer now!

Test Results:

A. Poverty Day

In the workplace, you carefully care about the welfare system, and related rights, such as salary, share or dividend system, all of which are basic demand, do not have less people, elastic work or vacation, etc., it is also very much, Because in your thoughts, it is only a means of making a living. Once these original welfare are shrinking or don't see, it is the boss and you will not go, you will have no work motivation, I can't help the infected work, I can't afford it.

B. Rebellion

You are no sense of security, maybe a childhood, or a bad life experience, let you lose the sense of security, so if you work now, you can't meet your needs, or let you feel unrelated, At any time, there is a possibility of walking, or the possibility of disappointing people, like a bubble network industry, you will always be worried about become an unemployed family, and the work is very affected. It will make you think about it, you can't think about it. focus on work.

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