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In 1986, what is the zodiac pair (what is the zodiac between 1986, is it a tiger?)(2)

real teen faith real teen faith

Male tiger + female pig

You are a pair of people who can encourage each other and pay their own couples to each other. The two of them are full of vitality, think that the other party is more important than themselves, and the goal of pursuing happiness, making your individuality differences have been ignored each other. You will feel free, keep your passion and tacit understanding. Mr. Tiger works for families and careers, and Mrs. Pig is committed to helping each other. Mr. Tiger admires the courage and tenacity of the pig, the pig wife and the Hirah are very similar, and the two sides trust each other and move towards the common goal.

Whether it is before or now, a key factor must be considered when he is married, and the genus is equivalent to the genus, the genus is a horse, dog, pig. If the 86-year Zodiac Hui can be with these three Self-married, then their marriage can have a long time.

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