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In 1986, what is the zodiac pair (what is the zodiac between 1986, is it a tiger?)

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The people who were born in 86 were honest. Everything was more energetic, the character is outside, the learning ability is superior, and the love of many people, the people are extremely good, then what is the zodiac in 1986? What is their marriage? Let's take a look!

What is the zodiac pair in 1986?

Xiao Hu, born in 1986, the following is the wedding agreement of Zodiac Hu:

The born tiger in 1986 is gentle and honest. They are not good at words, as the saying goes: people are deceived, 86 years of Tiger people are like this, 86-year Tiger people are easy to scam in the early days of love, but in the face of frustrated love, they learn Adjust your state, work hard, carefully live, they believe that they will soon encounter suitable people. The love life of the marriage man is also influenced by their simple character, because they don't know how to create romance and surprises, they often let their partners are unhappy. Therefore, they want to improve their marriage and emotional fortune, and the tiger can spend more time with their partner and properly created some surprises and romance, thus improving the relationship between husband and wife.

Male tiger + female dog

You will be a couple of love. Both are gentle, you will consider each other, know each other, leave enough freedom to each other. Mr. Tiger is cheerful, be good at communication, temper, impulsive; the dog is gentle, thoughtful, and the mind is awake, is happy. Mr. Tiger appreciates his generosity and wisdom of the dog, and his dog can use her unique charm to stabilize the emotions of Mr. Tiger.

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