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End a year to celebrate the new year's sentence to the new year's own words

real teen faith real teen faith

1. Let's work together, we want the upgrade or finally. Come on 2021.

2, one heart, effort, will not be in vote. Serious life, I can always break out my own days.

3, I hope my 2021: there is no acne, there is no insomnia, no hair loss, no depression, no anxiety, don't be heartbreaking, don't hurt your friends, your family is healthy, and make more money.

4, eat hard, sleep well, make money, spend good money. It is not worthy of people who are not worthy of life, not for something that is not worth it. Since it is alive, I live well every minute. 2020 Goodbye, 2021 Hello.

5, envy you have so many hopes and thoughts, there are those who are worth moving, say goodbye to the future.

6. If you don't worry, you are perfunctory. In 2021, it is full of expectation, come on!

7. Good hard work is to use money to kill those people who look at my parents in the future, this will be the dream that I will not change in my life, goodbye 2020, hello 2021.

8, life is a circle, some people have gone out of their lives, and he didn't know that every point on the circle had a tanker. The first day of the New Year, hello.

9. Full of your pot of 2020, let you have forgotten all the sadness; with 2021 Jiafei, you can drink this cup, I wish you a macro picture Grand exhibition!

10, to sleep early and avoid all the registration. 2021 Love yourself.

11, anything, anyone, will become the past, don't go with it, no matter how difficult, we must learn to take it.

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