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"Mixing and repairing fairy" God animal egg event selection Raiders

real teen faith real teen faith

Players are still unclear in the mix and division of the fairy play, how to choose the more appropriate. Next, let Xiaobian bring "mix and repair fairy", the gain of the animal, the event, the choice of Raiders, and the friends who are interested in and see, I hope to help everyone.

"Mixing and repairing fairy" God animal egg event selection Raiders

1. Take back to the door to see the master (repair +160, wisdom +20)

2. Cook the monster egg directly (body 57) (refined as +320 body +30) (suitable for the body)

3. I have incubated it, it may be a beast (repair +280, power +15, physical fitness +15, gas transport +1)

The gambling dog must choose to cover the egg, the other two seem to have a risk, I am gambling dog, so the rest is not very understanding.

[Supplement Golden Dan Event]

Self-confidence, I let it three strokes (body 94) (repair +280, physical fitness +30) (suitable for the repair)

Calm analysis of the 神 剑 (智 144) (repairing +160, wisdom + 10) (智 修 修 可, hard work is not good)

Not much to say to open the game (repair +320, power +25, physical fitness +10)

It is not the best option for the repair here to start

The above is the "mixing and repairing fairy" gains of the animal egg event, the total content of the Raiders, more hand of the game, please pay attention!