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What are the zodiac signs or zodiac dogs in seeing rabbits and dogs

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The ancients explained the relationship between the earth and the beast from the perspective of the twelve hours of the ancient day and night. Then, under the inspiration of twelve hours, the sort of twelve zodiac signs was invented. Zodiac, twelve months, twelve life, twelve character. Do you know what is the zodiac sign to see the zodiac?

Seeing rabbits and dogs are zodiac sheep and zodiac dogs.

The following is a specific analysis of the zodiac signs (guessing the zodiac signs) of the rabbit.

Story 1: From the analysis of the following analysis, we can see that the synonyms of the rabbit Gu dog are similar to the dead sheep. From this we can know that it is related to the sheep. From this, we can see that the rabbit Gu dog can guess it is sheep.

Said 2: The overall meaning is "calling the hunting dog to hunting the rabbit". We can think of the rabbit's being taken away, so there is only a dog left. From this comprehensive analysis, see that the rabbit Gu dogs can guess the dog.

See the rabbit Gu dog guess a number

Guess the numbers from seeing the strokes of the rabbit Gu dog. "See" 4 strokes, "Rabbit" 8 strokes, "Gu" character 10 strokes, "dogs" 4 strokes, 4 characters in total is 4+8+10+4 = 26. Therefore, I see the rabbit Gu dog guessing a number 26.

Zodiac signs and zodiac culture

1. Sub -rat: From 23:00 midnight to 01, the orientation belongs to the north. In November of the lunar calendar, the five elements belong to the water. It belongs to Dongxiao, Hongxiao, Chess Xiao, Ye Xiao, Di Xiao, Yu Xiao, plum blossom.

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