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How to increase the reputation

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The reputation in "Taige Li Zhi Zhuan》 DX" is a more important attribute in the game. The higher the reputation, the more powerful the skills you learn, and the level of the value will also affect the character's attitude towards the protagonist. Gao is easy to be ignored and so on.

Method of reputation

Some of the behaviors of the protagonist will cause different degrees of reputation or fame, and the height of reputation and fame will also affect the character's attitude towards the protagonist. Fame and fame will decrease over time.

If you have a high reputation, the other party will not push off and say busy. Even the famous names, the gatekeeper and the small surname will help pass through. But ninja does not receive a highly famous person, or requires high reputation, and the fame is also high.

If you are notorious, the other party will say that you are the one ~~~, enter the machi -machi with Jianhao, and you will be troublesome when you encounter a samurai who encounters the fourth level of martial arts. But highly fame can deter the mountain thief.

The way to improve his reputation is faster to play with the swordsman at the opening field. You can find Yoshioka.

Reduce your reputation and keep taking the task in the tavern before giving up.

Raise the fame, attack passers -by, and fight for it [no mouth], do the destruction of ninja -type, recommend diagnosis and treatment and then fish for invalid medicine, you can repeat the door, four o'clock at a time.

Reduce the notoriousness, go to the temple in the town [Giving], and reduce the fame by 1 to 3 o'clock.

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