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The strongest workplace Raiders! Teach you one-time to get 12 constellation boss

real teen faith real teen faith

The success or failure of the workplace is two factors that are the main view. Subjective talents, of course, you need you to upgrade, objective, and you will get along with people. So I will help you today! It is better to study with the left and right swings. How to deal with 12 constellation bosses, you can have a bamboo, and a hundred battles.


High-level difficulties


It is not bad that the bad guys will always have a place to stabilize a place on the slout list. This toxicity is really no SI. But in a point of view, they really don't have to give you the truth that you can give you a mouthful of spit, you don't have to use your mind.

The self-fulamled thing in this group of people is really turning into a fulcrum, and the earth has to turn. Don't say anything else, two words: face. If you don't give him a face before people, you will die; if you let him know that you worship the department leadership, you are also dead; if you can't see the bargows on his face, it is more true. You are still dead. Understand? Some subordinates face the leadership of Leo, the most stupid place is to think that they will really ask everyone's opinions, really a wide open voice, in fact, come back and return to the farm, and finally comply with their decisions. You may ask, is it so troublesome? Just in order to let you take okay, I don't accept it!

Speed ​​Handbook:

Defend the Leo Boss, you are doing it is wrong, what he can do if he can pick up your problem, and even more mood is not good, it will be difficult to tie it.

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