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What is the most taboo when you touch the dragon?

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In our daily life, we all know that everyone has their own unique talent and hobbies. Therefore, their achievements in different industries will be different. It can develop better, and at the same time, we can earn more wealth.

If you touch the dragon, you will get rich when you touch itDragon people are also very suitable for the food industry, such as opening a small restaurant. Although there are more and more restaurants now and the competition is getting bigger and bigger, if the dragon people are engaged in the food industry, they will get rich as soon as they touch. Because the dragon people are very interested in food, they are also famous gourmets. They have eaten all kinds of food, so they know what kind of food can grasp the stomach of the customer, and know what taste is more deeply affected by the masses. Like.

What is the fortune of the dragon people's lifePeople who belong to the dragon, the five elements belong to the soil, are loyal and filial piety, and the measurement is generous. For those of the dragon, in April of the lunar calendar, in the summer, in the summer, they were full of energy, upright personality, boldness, sense of justice, loyalty to liver and gallbladder. Essence Born in July. During the autumn, he was talented, his heart was fortunate, his courage was practiced, he was capable, and he was ambitious. He had six relatives since he was a child. He also supported nobles outside. In the early years, his career rose straight. Come, glory in his later years. Born in September, when the cold dew, he was gentle, loyal, and stable in personality, but occasionally had a temper, and he was full of anger. There are no calamities in life, and they can rise in failure. They can help the nobles.

What are the taboos of the dragon peopleChen Long and Dogs are very taboo zodiac signs. They are not good at encountering fortunes. The dogs indicate that the soil is soil, so people who belong to the dragon are not suitable for wearing or placing dog -shaped decorations to avoid bringing themselves to themselves. negative effect. Because the northwest is on the earthly branch, and the dragon is on your earthly branch, and the Chen Chen rushes, it is best not to choose the northwest of the bedroom of the dragon. This will make the dragon worse. Long -term development is particularly unfavorable. Sleeping there for a long time will make your fortune sluggish.