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Tang Yan attached to the blood type male

real teen faith real teen faith

When interalted, many boys were not as high as temperament as in love, but they would change a person, become special, especially annoying, their girlfriends will suspect that they are missing. So let us look at it today, go to the bottom fourblood typeIn the middle, who is this?

A type blood male: It is true that the other A-type blood man is really love each other, so they will not be relieved to each other, I am worried that I have not explained that I have been in place. So in order to let the other party can be able to go well, the A-type blood man feels that he is considered very embarrassed, they are not careless, because they are going to remember.

B-type blood: I don't believe that the other B-type blood man is too untrusted to each other. Many times, they are to deal with some things, that is, because there is no way to get it, I have to let my girlfriend to do it. Blood men will be very uneasy. They always worry that the other party will get rid of it, so the B-blood men will be very embarrassed to remind the opponent.

O-type blood: poor memory O-blood male is a boys with particularly poor memory, a lot of words they have already said, but O-blood men will soon forget it. So when I said something with the object, O-type blood men were explained and then explained. They felt that they were "good, in fact, it would make people feel very annoying.

The contrast before and after the love is still very big, so don't first take a person. Otherwise, after in love, you will find that you hope, the bigger the last disappointment is also bigger. ()