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About Pisces' constellation mythology and legends

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Everyone loves their lives, and many people like their constellations to look at their lives.So do you know the story behind Pisces?Let's take a look at Pisces's constellation myths with Xiaobian.

Pisces mythology and legend

Pisces in Greek mythology represent the incarnation of Aphrodite and Elos in the water.Avreyn turned into a fish to hide in the Nile to escape the son of the goddess Gaia, the goddess of the earth (saying that the Euphoria La La River).Then she found out that she had forgotten to take her son Elos to escape together, so she went ashore to find Eroos.In order to prevent the loss with her son, she tied the two feet together, and then the two turned into fish -shaped and dive into the river.Afterwards, Zeus raised the fish that the Aphrodite first incarnate to the air to become a South fish seat, and the two fish tied to Erros into the Erros were called Pisces.