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It depends on how the marriage was born

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It is said that the personality determines the fate. The different character of the zodiac is also different. The marriage that has a different personality affects the personality. Naturally, the personality born in twelve hours is also different. So how is the marriage born in the child?

What is marriage?

Marriage refers to the voluntary combination of men and women in the age of age in accordance with the marriage law in terms of economic life, psychiatric material and other aspects, and obtained the recognition of legal, ethics, medicine, and politics. The two sides jointly produce and live a social phenomenon.

A simple sentence:

It is the combination of men and women for men and women to form a family life together.

What does it mean?

The ancient Chinese labor people divided the day into twelve hours, each hour equal to today's two hours. According to legend, the ancient Chinese people named each hour according to the time of animals in the zodiac signs of China.

Twelve hours of China are headed by son, from 23 o'clock to 1 o'clock.

Before zero, it was the day before, and the next day after zero.

Rats are the most active at this time.

What about the marriage of people born in the child?

1. The marriage of a man born in the child, elegant and graceful, handsome sunshine, romantic, is a person who knows gratitude. Their way of love is also special. They often do not play cards according to common sense and are not good at coaxing people.

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